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Transformative Leaders

Great leadership is not just about being a good boss, it's about transforming yourself and your workplace. Our transformative leadership approach provides new distinctions in leadership that can help you cultivate a wellspring of discretionary engagement from your team. This can lead to enormous breakthroughs for your organization and fulfilling experiences of contribution from everyone around you.

In this community of practice, you will join a group of leaders, change agents, and activists in bi-weekly workshops on the latest best practices and tools to manifest your intentions at work, at home, and in the community at large.  You will also get 1-hour of coaching from one of America's most talented professional development coaches and transformation experts, Dr. Marcus Robinson,
and the Social Innovation Group team.


Benefits of Joining the Transformative Leaders Community of Practice

  • Twelve-week program commitment.

  • Four 3-hour workshop sessions on cutting-edge developing leader competencies that drive tangible mission-critical outcomes while cultivating a deep sense of equity, inclusion, and belonging from all of your team and colleagues.

  • Three hours of one-on-one coaching from Dr. Marcus, his team coaches, and subject-matter experts.

  • All sessions are live interactions with Dr. Marcus (may be assisted by video, PowerPoint, jam boards, polls, and other conference tools.

  • Networking with peers and other leaders in business, government, philanthropy, education, public health, medicine, and technology.

  • Private online community spaces to have small group dialogue sessions.

  • Access to the Social Innovation Group's library of proprietary tools, articles, and intellectual properties

    • Subscription-based tuition with an early bird discount starts at $1000 (60 days from the start date), $1750 (30 days from the start), and the full price of $2500 thereafter. The next cohort starts on APRIL 17 and 19.  Apply now for maximum discount. 

  • Half-day workshops are provided on Wednesdays and Fridays (you get to select the morning or afternoon sessions) *restrictions apply.

Why we need transformative leaders in today's socio-cultural climate in the USA..

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Click here to read the Communities of Practice article by Dr. Marcus Robinson


Click here to read the Transformational Leadership article by Dr. Marcus Robinson

Purpose-Driven Passion

The future is not something that just happens to us. It is something that we create through our actions and decisions. So let's make it a that is worthy of our time, effort, and contributions.

New Leader Competencies

These new competencies and behavior sets will add the critical ingredients you will need to lead your team toward a reliable path of progress in today's complex socio-economic environment. 

Real World Impact

In this series, you will learn to become the kind of leader who can inspire others into the state of "flow," giving rise to higher levels of performance with grace under pressure and the capacity to thrive in your shared workspace.

Velois Bowers

SVP, Bronson Healthcare, MI
"Marcus has been an incredible partner, mentor, and one of the best consultants I've ever worked with over the many years of doing the work of diversity and inclusion. Marcus provides a wealth of knowledge and creative thinking, and each time I work with Marcus, I learn something new. I would highly recommend Marcus as an expert in the field of diversity and inclusion, but also as an individual who knows how to bring diverse communities together to fulfill a common mission or goal.”

Harvey Jacobson, M.B.A.

Regional Manager,
Cigna Financial Advisors, Inc.
"At a time when organizations need to energize people and develop leaders at all levels, Dr. Marcus’ workshops provide a self-empowerment philosophy for life that is highly relevant to sustainable success in business."

Joan Buccigrossi, PhD

Head of Global Diversity, AbbVie
"I worked with Marcus on numerous projects, in his capacity of President at wetWare, Inc. (now Social Innovation Group) Marcus is a brilliant strategist, especially as it relates to large system culture change. His particular strengths are in the partnering and coaching relationships he develops with senior leaders. He is a trusted partner when helping senior leaders and teams discover the root causes of issues in their organizations, helping them to create a strategy and implementation plan for improving the culture, particularly for cross-cultural groups."
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