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as i get older, the quest for experience seems to loom larger in my life. i have a sense that the world is on the brink. i could at any moment find myself in a situation which requires a life-skill which i do not currently possess. i have been teaching friends about the doctrine of ascension, it seems to have an ability to draw people in, so to speak. the doctrine of ascension may have started with the mahdi (no, not that one), but its not much more than that. there are a few saviour wars, but its not like you think of the wars of the 20th century. at some point when the ascension is near, the world is going to lose. and then we all save ourselves, or die.

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the martial art was invented by the chinese to prevent them from fighting each other. before the art existed, the state decided who would fight whom, but in the five thousand years of chinese history that followed, the art never spread outside of china.

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