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It's kind of funny. When Hangover 2 came out, people criticized it, because it was more of the same. It was basically a remake of part 1. Though I still do wonder why "Very bad things" did not do as much business as those movies. But anyway, now they try something different and people are mad, because it's not a rehash of the previous movies. It does actually try to tell a story.Don't worry though there are still many elements that make the movie feel like it's Hangover. Like our "pack" trying to find/figure out something. Also a character that gets forgotten, has a similar fate but with a twist. And don't think because there is no hangover, there will be no hangover! You'll get that by the end of the movie. So while people cried, this actually is better than the second one

The Hangover Part Iii 720p Download 11



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