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Dream Theater Breaking The Fourth Wall 720p 13

The movie opens up with the usual 20th Century Fox intro, with a twist thanks to Ralph Wiggum (humming the tune, then echoed with instruments). Then a screen purposely smaller than the screen of the viewers appears, and an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon plays. Itchy and Scratchy land on the moon. Itchy stabs Scratchy with a flagpole and abandons Scratchy. Back on Earth, Itchy becomes a hero through lying about Scratchy, and eventually becomes the President. In his office he sees Scratchy is still alive and holding up a sign that says, "I'm telling." Itchy ponders on what to do and eventually decides to commence an "accidental" nuclear launch, launching hundreds of nuclear missiles at the moon. Scratchy screams, allowing himself to swallow the missiles. After his stomach is full, the last missile stops at the stomach and takes a boot out of the tip and kicks Scratchy. Scratchy then explodes. The entire scene is revealed to be a movie that the Simpsons family and many residents from Springfield are watching in a theater. Homer stands up calling the movie "boring" and announces that "everybody in the theater is a giant sucker" because they can watch the TV show at home for free, and then points at the viewer, breaking the fourth wall, and yells, "Especially YOU!"

Dream Theater Breaking The Fourth Wall 720p 13

The Simpsons opening intro then commences, except that instead of just the Simpsons title floating towards the viewer through the clouds, Professor Frink flies by on a flying bike with a banner attached, with the word "MOVIE" inscribed on it, forming the movie title. The screen then expands after Frink says "Movie...on the big screen." The camera then flies through Springfield, showing Waylon Smithers brushing Charles Montgomery Burns' teeth, Apu changing the expiration date on a milk carton from 2006 to 2008, Martin Prince getting hung on the flagpole by Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney saluting the flag, Bart's chalkboard gag, "I will not illegally download this movie" (also breaking the fourth wall), and finally Green Day playing at the end of their 2 and a half hour concert at Lake Springfield during the summer night. As they finish their song they try to talk for a moment about the environment, which elevates the audience and prompts the audience to throw trash and boo at the band. The pollution in the water (about which they were trying to talk to the audience just prior) dissolves the barge floating on the lake that Green Day is playing on. They put down their rock instruments and take out violins, as Mike Dirnt (the band's bassist) says "gentlemen, it's been an honor playing with you tonight" and begin to play "Nearer, My God to Thee" (from Titanic) as the barge sinks and kills them.

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