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The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of diet supplementation with live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) on ruminal parameters, nutrient digestibility, and the inflammatory response in cattle fed grain-based diets. Three Holstein steers (body weight of 4973 kg) with ruminal and duodenal cannulas were assigned to a 3 3 Latin square design. The animals were kept in individual pens and fed a diet containing 5% sugarcane bagasse and 95% concentrate (906.5 g/kg ground corn). Diet treatments were Control (without additive), Yeast (1.5 g/kg DM live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, NCYC 996) and MOS (1.5 g/kg DM MOS, β-glucans and mannan). Dry matter intake, ruminal, intestinal, and total digestibility of nutrients were not affected by the treatments. The ruminal concentration of isobutyric acid increased in animals fed on diets supplemented with Yeast and MOS, whereas isovaleric acid increased with Yeast and decreased with MOS supplementation. Dietary supplementation with Yeast and MOS increased pH and decreased ammonia concentration in the rumen. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) concentrations in the rumen and duodenal fluid were not influenced by the additives. However, both Yeast and MOS decreased the plasma levels of LPS and serum amyloid A (SAA). In conclusion, when high-concentrate diets fed to beef cattle are supplemented with either Yeast or MOS, ruminal pH is increased, LPS translocation into the blood stream is decreased, and blood SAA concentration is decreased. These factors reduce the inflammation caused by consumption of grain-based diets, and either supplement could be used to improve the rumen environment in beef cattle susceptible to ruminal subacute acidosis.

Mannan dubbed hindi

Citation: Garcia Diaz T, Ferriani Branco A, Jacovaci FA, Cabreira Jobim C, Pratti Daniel JL, Iank Bueno AV, et al. (2018) Use of live yeast and mannan-oligosaccharides in grain-based diets for cattle: Ruminal parameters, nutrient digestibility, and inflammatory response. PLoS ONE 13(11): e0207127.

Diets contained 5% sugarcane bagasse and 95% concentrate (ground corn, urea, and mineral mixture). Diet treatments were Yeast (1.5 g/kg DM of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC 996, Procreatin-7, Phileo LeSaffre Animal Care, Campinas, Brazil) MOS (1.5 g/kg DM of MOS, β-glucans and mannan, Safmannan, Phileo LeSaffre Animal Care, Campinas, Brazil) and Control (without additive), this treatment received 1.5 g/kg of calcium carbonate to ensure that the balance of other ingredients in the diet was similar. The viability of live yeast was checked prior to starting the experiment using Yeast Extract-Peptone-Dextrose (YPD) Agar and incubated at 30C for 3 days. The mean number of Yeast colonies detected on agar were 2.74 0.83 1010colony forming units (CFU)/g for live yeast.

Plasma concentrations of SAA were lower in the animals (P = 0.02) fed Yeast and MOS when compared to the animals that received the Control diet. There was no treatment hour interaction (P>0.05). However, the concentrations of this protein decreased (P = 0.05) over the time of the sample collection period. This may have been due to the presence of β-glucans and mannan in the yeast cell wall, which may have weakened the proinflammatory immune response through the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines and the transient decrease in the expression of toll-like receptor 4, a component involved in the production of proinflammatory cytokines and acute phase proteins [53].

Noninvasive, non-culture-based methods for diagnosing invasive fungal disease have been studied extensively and are now being used in daily clinical practice. The importance of serological methods has been reflected in the criteria for diagnosing invasive fungal disease, which include galactomannan and β-D-glucan as microbiological criteria for diagnosing specific fungal infection [9]. The use of circulating Candida antigens, metabolites and antibodies for the diagnosis of IC include the detection of mannan antigen (Mn), anti-mannan antibodies (A-Mn), enolase and arabinitol and have been reported in several studies [10-13].

In 2005, the European Conference on Infections in Leukemia (ECIL) was created by several groups, including the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, the European Organization for Treatment and Research of Cancer, the European Leukemia Net and the Immunocompromised Host Society, with the main purpose of elaborating guidelines, or recommendations, for the management of infections in leukaemia and haematopoietic stem cell transplant patients. During the third ECIL meeting held in September 2009, the performance of noninvasive diagnostic tests for fungal infections, such as galactomannan, β-D-glucan, Mn and A-Mn and cryptococcal antigen, was analysed. This paper is focused on the use of Mn antigen and A-Mn antibodies in the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis.

Per-patient sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic odds ratio (DOR), with 95% confidence intervals of mannan antigen (Mn), anti-mannan antibodies (A-Mn) and combined Mn/A-Mn testing for separate studies, median of the studies and totala

Single-study and overall sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic odds ratio (DOR) for mannan antigen testing. Total number of patients and a weight of each single study in meta-analysis are reported.

Single-study and overall sensitivity, specificity and DOR for combined mannan antigen and anti-mannan antibody testing. Total number of patients and a weight of each single study in meta-analysis are reported.

In most of the studies, the diagnostic performance of Mn and A-Mn tests was compared to blood culture as a gold standard, and they were positive before the results of the latter, thus allowing for earlier diagnosis of IC. Despite the fact that prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial for prognosis in IC, these tests are not intended to replace blood cultures, and special consideration for their use concerns the 40%-50% of patients with IC in whom blood cultures remain constantly negative. There is no reason why the specificity for IC, established by comparison with blood culture, could not apply to the patients with negative blood cultures. Thus, for patients with significant mannanemia or A-Mn antibodies, antifungal treatment might be considered.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of dietary supplementation with live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), mannan-oligosaccharides and the combination of these additives on the inflammatory response, ruminal parameters and rumen morphology of sheep fed a high grain-based diet. Thirty-Two Dorper x Santa Ines crossbred lambs with an average weight of 242 kg were distributed in a completely randomized design. The animals were housed in individual stalls and fed ad libitum. Diet treatments were: Control (without additive); LY (2 g/kg DM of live yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae), MOS (2 g/kg DM of mannan-oligosaccharides) and LY+MOS (2 g/kg DM of LY + 2 g/kg DM of MOS). The experiment lasted 42 days. The supplementation with MOS alone and the additives combination resulted in increased ruminal pH (P

"Vishwaroop 2" will hit the screens on August 10. Its Hindi version will be presented by Rohit Shetty and the Anil Ambani-led Reliance Entertainment. It's a bilingual shot in Tamil and Hindi, and also dubbed in Telugu.

In an interview she said 'Thirudadhe' was my first film with MGR. As the shooting got delayed, he introduced me in Naadodi Mannan, which was released before 'Thirudathe'. She was then signed up for the Hindi film Paigham (1959), in which her co-stars included Dilip Kumar. She never allowed any one to dub for her and insisted that she would speak by herself as a result none of her Tamil movies her voice was dubbed by any other artiste since the beginning of her career. Then she gave hits opposite Gemini Ganesan in Manalane Mangayin Bhagyam, Kalyana Parisu, Ode Velaiyadu papa, Kairasi and opposite Sivaji Ganeshan in Bhaaga Pirivinai,Vidi Velli,Palum Pazhamum, Iruvar Ullam (1958 till 1960).

Ravi Krishna writes:> Hema wrote:>> Yes, Chitra was the singer and she sang all the songs.>> There was another good asong from this movie in the end>> which Salman (SPB) sings when the heroine is dying in the>> hospital. I don't recollect the words now. Gosh, I don't>> remember a Salman song!:) > The song you are referring is "pathar tha mein ...". This song > also is a note to note lift of an Ilayaraja song. I don't know the > name of the film but the song was picturised on Radha Ravi and the > song was "poove en poove.."."Poove sempoove un vaasam varum" (K.J.Yesudas) is from "SollaThudikudhu Manasu" (Karthik). Only redeeming factor in the movie wasthis song, which appeared, thankfully, at several places. Chitra alsohad her own version of this song I think. Illayaraja reused the songin the Telugu film "Prema"?Chitra was introduced in the Tamil film "Poove Poochudavaa" (85;music: Illayaraja), when the original Malayalam movie "NokkethaDhoorathu Kannum Nattu" (1984; music: Jerry) was being remade inTamil. After this movie director Faazil, actress Nadiya and singerChitra did well for themselves in Tamil films. Chitra was alreadysinging in Malayalam movies before that. The songs of the Tamilversion were a rage - "chinna kuil paadum paatu kekkudha, ku ku ku kukoo.."In Hindi, she probably started singing in "Love" (Salman, Revathi)(the only difference between the flop "Love" and original hit "Prema"was in the climax). Chitra sang in another Salman starrer "Jaagruti",which had the nice song "hawaa mein kya hain, khushboo hain" (forKarishma Kapoor). Both had music by Anand-Milind.Later she sang again for Karishma in the movie "Suhaag" (Ajay Devgan).The song was "tere liye jaanam tere liye", which was based on "kaadhalrojaave" (from "Roja"; A.R.Rahman); again by Anand-Milind. On a relatednote, another interesting lift of Anand-Milind from Rahman was in aJackie Shroff movie. The lifted song was "raasathi en usuru" (from"Thiruda Thiruda") - something that ARR himself did not attempt in"Chor Chor"! Anand-Milind made Yesudas sing the Hindi version withnormal orchestration.Chitra sang another lifted song (from Illayaraja) for Anu Malik in therecent "Viraasat" - "paayalein chun mun chun mun" with Kumar Sanu.She regularly sings in Rahman's Hindi films - Roja, Bombay, Rangeela,Tu Hi Mera Dil, Love Birds, Sapnay, Kabhi Na Kabhi etc.---Renu Thamma wrote: > > This brings up a topic that I have wanted to discuss for a long > time. The Vamsee-Ilayaraaja nexus. Vamsee has been one director > for whom Ilayaraaja's music has been very very distinct. He made > 'Anveshana' which has truly mind-blowing music by the maestro. > This is one soundtrack that anyone who even remotely cares about > Raaja should listen to. With songs like 'palike chiluka' > 'chilakaga palukavo', 'eekantha vela' and others, I rank this > amongst some of his best. The movie was a suspense thriller murder > mystery.. >Wasn't this movie dubbed in Tamil as "Keeravaani"? What a wonderfulset of songs! The song "yekaantha velai" (eekantha vela) had a greatpicturization to go with the song. The song "chilakaga palukavo" youmention, I guess, is the heavenly "keeravaani, iraviley, kanavileypaada vaa nee." > > 'Sitara' was the next in line. (No connection to the Hindi Sitara > which incidentally was also a remake of a Telugu movie) Has > 'jilibili palukula' 'ku ku ku' and my favorite 'vennello godaari > andam' all of which are very melodious. I am not 100% sure if it > was a Vamsee movie though. >It is a Vamsee movie. The "ku ku ku" song's picturization on Banupriyaagain, like the "yekaantha velai" song, shows you the Illayaraja-Vamsee magic. Illayaraja made the tune of "vennello godaari andam"(S.Janaki) initially for a Bharathiraja movie, but it was never usedin it. The original was also sung by S Janaki "doorathil naan kanda unmugam, nadi theerathil.."---Balaji ( wrote: > 1. Premichu-Pelladu > > Some songs which I remember are "gopemma chetilo goru mudda", > "vayyari godaramma", "aade pade pillalam" and "ee chitra veena" >This movie also had the song by SPB: "nirantharamu.." > 2. chettu kinda pleedaru > > This has an excellent song "allibilli kalala rave". Other songs > are "chaltika nam gadi", "jigi jigi jigija". >The song "chalti ka naam gaadi" is a remixed version of the wonderfulSPB solo "chinna mani kuyile" from "Amman Koyil Kizhakaale." Theinterludes, music and lyrics are much better in the original. > > 4. maharshi >Had the song "mata rani". > > 5. Ladies Tailor >This one has the song "gopi lola".--Ravindra wrote: > Who gave music for "gharAna moguDu"? This was a remake of the > Thamizh Rajanikanth starrer Mannan, and had Vani Vishwanath and > Nagma (I think) opposite Chiranjeevi. It was later remade with > Anil Kr. in Hindi with Anand Milind music, which makes me think it > was IR's music for Thamizh/Telugu."Gharana Mogudu" was by Keeravani. Anand-Milind borrowed from theTelugu version in "Laadla" (songs like "ladki hai kya, re baaba").The Tamil movie "Mannan" (Rajnikanth) was the remake of "GharanaMogudu" - not the songs though. Illayaraja created that divine solo"amma endr azhaikaadha uyir illaiye, ammavai vanangaadhu uyarv_illaiye"in Yesudas's voice.--byesatish 350c69d7ab


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