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People who work with us develop new learning and abilities that generate unforeseen outcomes. The Following are some of the key drivers for success.

You do what’s right for the company and the people you work with. You are willing to stand up for ideas
that make a difference, even if they are unpopular.

Your word matters. You do what is morally and ethically right. You are consistently a role model by
doing what you said you would do and supporting the organization in doing the same.

You enable others to think about old problems in new ways. You communicate in a way that enables
others to challenge thinking that had never been questioned before.

You follow through and keep your commitments. You take responsibility for what is working and what is not and you are accountable for what you have promised to produce. You do pass the buck or blame failure on circumstances. You resolve breakdowns as they happen.

You instill faith, respect and trust. You create action through your words. You convey a strong sense of mission and the context for what you do. You assume nothing and will not put off tough conversations.

You thrive in changing environments. When a lot of issues hit at once, you are able to handle more than one issue at a time and you are willing to change course when it is warranted for the success of your mission.

Terry Miller
Since 1986 Terry Miller has mentored executives and their teams to create transformations for their
organization. His expertise is to enable leaders to redefine the way business is done in their industry,
producing breakthroughs and extraordinary business results. His work with executives, leaders, and teams develops new thinking and strategic actions, and accountability.

Having worked with entrepreneurs, major corporations, and not-for-profits, he has guided large and challenging initiatives in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the U.S. His work is in real-time on reals projects that lead to unprecedented results and performance.

Master Class on Equity, Inclusion, and Social Change: Understanding the topology of systemic racism and oppression

Based on decades of experience at the cutting-edge of change in delivering training programs on managing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the community-at-large.  This Master Class will delve into the issues of racism, gender, identity oppression, and classism, and the actions we can take to have a real impact at work, at home, and in the broader community.  In this virtual workshop, Dr. Marcus reveals his proprietary work that “unconceals” the anatomy of systemic oppression.  Participants will:


  1. Learn the five ways that oppression acts in culture, society, and in the workplace,

  2. Gain insight into the continuum of responses to oppression and how we can transform the way we live and work together, and

  3. Discover one’s self as a natural agent and instrument of change in anti-oppression movements.

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