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Learn how to manifest the fullness of your vision and goals in 2021 with Dr. Marcus Robinson, nationally renowned author, coach and consultant in the field of personal development. In this Virtual Master Class, you will learn the secret to creating your future, you will:


Create a Compelling vision of your life grounded in the now, but informed by the future you intend to manifest


Activate the Law of Attraction to bring into your life all the things you want, and be aware of the things that get in the way of you living your best life.

Resolve any of the internal conflicts that lead to "Self-sabotage" and repeating mistakes from the past that stop you from being your best self, every day.

This Virtual Master Class takes place over three 3-hour sessions. Participation in all three sessions is required. Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Participants are admitted by application only. Limited Seating Available.


Pay only $99 USD. upon registration after your application is accepted.


Once Accepted, Click Below!


Margi Tabor


 I am grateful I chose to invest the time and resources to participate in Marcus Robinson’s Master Class in Personal Transformation.   This experience led me to become more mindful of the language I use, provided me skills to ignore the “noise” of daily life, to become more focused in the present and left me with a clarity of why I am here in this life.  It is my desire to leave a ripple effect of empowerment, inclusivity, and acceptance from my interactions personally and professionally.    The clearing I experienced from taking this class helped to be laser focused on this!  


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