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Sprint Confirms Break From Windows Phone, Will Return

By changing the State of a work item to Removed, you effectively remove it from a backlog or board view (product, portfolio, and sprint backlogs, Kanban board, and Taskboards). The Removed state corresponds to the Removed workflow category state. If you define custom workflow states, any state you map to the Removed workflow category state will act in a similar way.

Sprint Confirms Break From Windows Phone, Will Return

The terms of these T&Cs apply to prepaid customers. Your T-Mobile prepaid Service account balance, if sufficient, or your active prepaid plan, gives you access to our prepaid Service for a limited amount of time; you must use your prepaid Service during the designated period of availability. To use our prepaid Service you must have a T-Mobile prepaid Service account balance for pay as you go service or be on an active prepaid plan. Service automatically activates 90 days after purchasing service unless you activate earlier. Service will be suspended when your account balance reaches zero and/or you are at the end of the time period associated with your prepaid plan. Monthly plan features are available for one calendar month; we will notify you if the dates of your monthly service cycle and other dates related to your account change. Your monthly plan will automatically renew at the end of your monthly service cycle if you have a sufficient T-Mobile prepaid Service account balance to cover your prepaid Service plan before the first day after your Service cycle. If you do not have a sufficient T-Mobile prepaid Service account balance, your prepaid Service will be suspended unless you move to a pay as you go plan. If you do not reinstate prepaid Service within the required period based upon your service plan, your phone number will be reallocated. The Charges for Service and the amount of time that Service is available following activation of your prepaid Service account balance may vary; see your Rate Plan for more information. Prepaid Service is non-refundable (even if returned during the Cancellation Period), and no refunds or other compensation will be given for unused airtime balances, lost or stolen prepaid cards, or coupons. You will not have access to detailed usage records or receive monthly bills. Coverage specific to our prepaid Service may be found at and differs from coverage related to our postpaid Service.

Eggs Green, you may check if you have saved it to an SD card. The slot should be at the top of the phone, you will see a notch below the power button. Insert your fingernail or a coin into that notch and pull back to remove the upper portion of the back. your SD card (if you have one) should be in there. Use an external adapter on your computer to access it. If you do not have it, and were saving to the external NAND memory, there is no way (only for the very advanced hackers ;-)) to access that. If you are adventurous enough check on here. I would try and see if the phone will give you enough life after cleaning it and seeing if you can resolve some of the water damage. Use the iPhone 3G guide from here for a general idea on how to clean it. Here is a good video that will show you how to tear down your phone. After you cleaned it, replace the battery and reevaluate. If that does not work for you, I would suggest a data recovery company to get your videos. Hope this helps, good luck.

Details: In the campaign mission Whiskey Hotel when they player gets past the oval office, they will have a small firefight with enemies before they get to the president's press room. When the player sees an enemy in front of a window, they player must kill him and go prone. The player must then shoot the two lower windows and they can crawl through and attack the enemies from the side. The player can then go around in front of the White House.

Details: While in multiplayer, a player must use One Man Army Pro, and a Tactical Insertion. The player must have their One Man Army class selection menu open, ready to select another class. At the same time, the player must select their class and press their equipment button to deploy their tactical insertion. If done correctly, the player will run around looking like they are about to use their equipment (holding a claymore, throwing a fragmentation grenade, etc.) This works with all equipment except for the Blast Shield. For Tactical Insertions, the player will be holding a broken model of the flare. Every time the player shoots, they will run the cap over the fuse, like they are planting the flare repeatedly. For claymores, the player will hold the claymore out like they are going to plant it. When the player shoots, it appears as if they are planting the claymore repeatedly. For C4, the player holds the detonator, and every time the player shoots, they appear to throw the C4 repeatedly. For Semtex, Throwing Knife, and Frag Grenade, the player looks like they are repeatedly throwing the equipment. This does not affect accuracy, damage, or anything with the gun. If the player falls from high up, sprints, throws their equipment or special grenade, or runs out of ammo for their gun, the glitch will end, giving the player their gun back.

Details: It is possible to access the city of Pripyat and the rest of "All Ghillied Up" behind the spawn area by jumping on several cars and over a fence. Here, the radiation zones are not hazardous and the player can walk over to the Chernobyl plant although an invisible wall will prevent the player from returning to the map, requiring the player to restart the mission. [8]

Detail: The player must enter the training room and there will be a cinder block wall behind the instructor who talks to the player when they enter. Go in the door in the cinder block wall that leads to the course instructor and just stand in the doorway. Next just enter ADS mode and the ADS animation will freeze in the middle. As soon as the player sprints, the ADS mode will return to normal. This glitch works with all guns except the M40A3 and the crossbow.

Details: This glitch can happen when viewing a killcam or when in theatre mode. It does not affect gameplay though. If there is an unexploded car in the map, and something happens so the car explodes. and is left to burnt scraps of metal, it appears to already be destroyed if reviewing a former clip of gameplay. In other words, the car doesn't exploded again but merely bounces from the ground, when reviewed in theatre or in the final killcam. This also happens with exploding barrels. Another example is in "Launch". If the game ends just before the rocket takes off, and the final killcam occurs in the area beneath the rocket. The killcam will show a departing or departed rocket even though when the gameplay happened, the rocket was still there. This can also happen if someone were to break a window prior to a kill/death.

Details: In Survival Mode, the player is able to get inside the plane part stored inside one of the large hangars on the map. Via a strafe jump, and climbing up on the weapon armory, players are able to get inside; it is a poor spot becuase hostiles can easily throw grenades inside, and sentry guns do not work either. On the Nintendo Wii verison of Modern Warfare 3, players are able to get outside of the map in multiple places, due to no patches ever being released to fix them on that version of the game. Players can get on top of the main hangar housing the plane part, with a small strafe or sprint jump. There are two metal boxes the player can hide in and shoot out of, but are safe from all gunfire and explosives, and killstreaks. Players can also get on top of the building near the Delta Force spawn with several explosive barrels and forklifts inside. With a very difficult jump, players can then crouch-walk on some small areas with limited collsion, and throw down a Care Package down, climb up on it, and with another very hard jump, get on top of one part of the building. From there, there are other areas players can traverse to get inside the area with several broken windows, and another part of the building, allowing players in Survival Mode to get to very high waves. Once there, it is possible to jump off the building and walk around, but some areas have no collison, making players fall through the map and die. There are also two destroyed tanker trucks that, with a bit of effort, can be wallbreached into, and can shoot out of, but not shot. Becuase this is still possible in multiplayer, players can easily get many kills camping inside there. While most of these glitches were patched for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 versions of the game, Wii players offline can still do these. (Becuase online multiplayer on the Wii has been discontinued by Nintendo years ago, the multiplayer glitches are no longer possible, and only able to be done in Survival Mode.)

(AP) -- Google Inc. is expected to unveil Tuesday its vision for how a mobile phone should be made and sold, likely raising the stakes in the Internet search leader's bid to gain more control over how people surf the Web while they're on the go. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1449240174198-2'); ); The catalyst in Google's latest attempt to shake up the mobile market apparently will be the Nexus One, the first smart phone designed by the company's own engineers.Google has said little about the phone except to confirm that its workers received the handsets three weeks ago for a final round of internal testing. Google is expected to provide the first concrete details about the phone, along with the company's vision for how such devices should be made and sold, during a news conference Tuesday at Google's headquarters in Mountain View.In its invitation to the event, Google said the wireless market has only seen "the beginning of what's possible" with the free Android operating system that it introduced for mobile phones in late 2007.Android was designed to make it easier to interact on a mobile phone with Web sites and services, including Google's, while providing an egalitarian platform to run applications developed by outside programmers.The applications don't have to go through an extensive review before they can be distributed to Android-powered devices, a contrast from the control that Apple Inc. holds on its hot-selling iPhone.Until now, Google has been content to let other companies design the devices relying on Android. And those devices thus far have largely been distributed like most other mobile phones, tethered to major wireless carriers that typically require buyers to lock into two-year contracts in return for discounts on the handsets.But Google now appears to be ready to push its operating system in a new direction while trying to give consumers more flexibility to connect a mobile phone with the wireless carrier of their choice.Google intends to stamp its own brand on the Nexus One and sell it directly to consumers over the Web, leaving it up to the buyers to pick their own carriers, according to reports published in technology blogs and major newspapers. That could open new possibilities while igniting new tensions in the mobile phone market.Just how much Nexus One shakes things up will likely hinge on the phone's price. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Most smart phones designed for Web access sell for $50 to $200, thanks to subsidies provided by wireless carriers in return for commitments to service plans that cost $800 to $1,000 a year. Without the financial aid, the phones would sell for $400 to $600 - a range that most consumers have been unwilling to pay, especially in a shaky economy.T-Mobile has agreed to provide a subsidy for a Nexus One that works on its wireless network, according to published reports. Such an agreement wouldn't represent a substantial change from the status quo.Yet Google appears to be betting that the Nexus One will make a big enough splash to persuade other major U.S. wireless carriers - AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp. - to subsidize the device, too, said technology analyst Rob Enderle."If enough customers want this phone, the carriers will have no choice but to follow," he predicted.That would also break the traditional practice of giving carriers the right to sell specific models exclusively for a certain period.Google conceivably could offer a sharp discount on the Nexus One without carriers' help, hoping to recoup some of the costs by selling more ads on the devices. But the mobile advertising market is unlikely to grow quickly enough to offset the costs of the discounts for several years, so pursuing that strategy would likely crimp Google's profits - something that could drive down the company's stock price.Another option is for Google to simply sell the phone at the full price, banking that it'll be attractive enough for buyers looking for the freedom to choose their own carrier.A smart phone that empowers consumers to choose from a variety of carriers could post a threat to the iPhone, which is tied exclusively to AT&T in the United States. That tie-in has spurred complaints from some iPhone users who say AT&T's network bogs down amid heavy Web traffic, particularly in big cities such as New York and San Francisco.With the competition between the two companies heating up, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple's board five months ago.Selling its own phone also could foster more resentment toward Google among the business partners that have been backing Android as a viable alternative to the mobile operating systems made by Apple, BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion Ltd. and Microsoft Corp.Verizon, for instance, has raised consumer awareness about Android during the past two months by bankrolling a marketing blitz for the Droid phone made by Motorola Inc.In an effort to keep the peace, Google probably will try to position the Nexus One as a way to encourage even more innovation with its Android system, said Forrester Research analyst Charles Golvin."They might tell everyone in the Android ecosystem, 'We applaud you for what you have done so far, we just want to take things even further and think we can help light the way,'" Golvin said. 2010 The Associated Press. 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