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Personal Transformation Programs

Dr. Robinson provides a full range of custom-designed programs, services and products based on the individual needs of each client.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Individual Personal Coaching to help you establish, achieve, and sustain your life's purpose, mission, and tangible successes that matter most in your life.

  • Workshops and seminars covering everything you'll need to cultivate and live your best life, do your best work, and have all that you ardently desire for your life.

  • A Full suite of programs and services designed to help you fully manifest your goals and attain a level of self-realization spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

  • Don't know where to start? Consider Checking Out "Blueprints: Your Life By Design" a custom tailored Workshop created to help each individual reach their personal and professional goals.

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Coming Soon: The Master Class Series


Master Class on Self-Awareness: The key to personal excellence and accomplishment

Steeped in the human technology of transformation, this master class is a foray into understanding self-as-instrument in the matter of one’s ability to thrive at home, in the community, and the workplace.  In this workshop, you will 1) gain insight into the mechanism of being, 2) gain mastery over prevailing circumstances, and 3) generate a breakthrough in one’s ability to manifest intentions.


Master Class on Community, Civility, and Character: The rise of civil actors in modern times


Steeped in Social Innovation Group’s proprietary model for personal transformation, this master class offers its participants the opportunity to speak truth to power about the oppressions to which they bear witness seeking reconciliation, healing, and becoming its agent of change.

What People Say About Dr. Marcus Robinson's Programs, Products, and Services


Malidoma Patrice Some'

Ph.D., author of Ritual, Power, Healing, and Community

"Dr. Robinson steps forward with a cutting-edge technology for personal transformation by marrying modern science to ancient spiritual wisdom."


Margi Taber


 I am grateful. I chose to invest the time and resources to participate in Marcus Robinson’s Master Class in Personal Transformation.   This experience led me to become more mindful of the language I use, provided me skills to ignore the “noise” of daily life, to become more focused in the present and left me with a clarity of why I am here in this life.  It is my desire to leave a ripple effect of empowerment, inclusivity, and acceptance from my interactions personally and professionally.  The clearing I experienced from taking this class helped to be laser focused on this!  


Shakti Gawain.jpg

Shakti Gawain

Author of Creative Visualization and Path of Transformation

"Marcus Robinson takes a stand for the positive aspects of human nature with an empowering message of the celebration of spirit."

Joan Borysenko.jpg

Joan Borysenko

Ph.D., author Fire in the Soul and The Healing Power of the Mind

"Dr. Robinson is an inspiring teacher and his books are filled with his presence."


David M. Paperny

M.D., University of Hawaii School of Medicine

“He [Dr. Robinson] is a person of vision ... and is capable of motivating and inspiring others to greatness."

Harvey R.jpg

Harvey Jacobson

M.B.A., Regional Manager, Cigna Financial Advisors, Inc.

"At a time when organizations need to energize people and develop leaders at all levels, The Quest workshop provides a self-empowerment philosophy for life that is highly relevant to sustainable success in business."

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Henry Borenson

Ed.D., Author and leading authority on mathematics education

"The seminar was a powerful experience, helping me to be more fully in touch with myself

and to better appreciate who and what I am. This greater self-acceptance is already transferring itself towards greater acceptance, comfort, and appreciation or those around me."

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