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The Practice of Organizational Change

Social Innovation Group of Chicago, NFP  (formerly wetWare, Inc.) is the 21st Century vehicle to convey the work of Dr. Marcus Robinson. This company offers client-driven custom-designed consultation and education to fully transfer competency and capability into your work systems and enables you to create inclusive cultures that drive sustainable high performance. Services include:

VeLois Bowers.jpg

VeLois Bowers

Retired Fortune 500 C-Suite Executive

"Marcus has been an incredible partner, mentor, and one of the best consultants I've ever worked with over the many years of doing the work of diversity and inclusion. Marcus provides a wealth of knowledge and creative thinking, and each time I work with Marcus, I learn something new. I would highly recommend Marcus as an expert in the field of diversity and inclusion, but also as an individual who knows how to bring diverse communities together to fulfill a common mission or goal.”

  • Subject Matter Expertise support for conferences, workshops, and strategic engagement.

  • Consultation and coaching of senior leaders of organizations and entrepreneurs on the issues of leadership, organizational culture, and performance.

  • Consultation and coaching of organizational diversity leaders and Affirmative Action Officers on the depth and breadth of issues relating to organizational culture, leveraging diversity and inclusion to increase organization and human performance.

  • Centers for Creative Living focused on community transformation and the ecology of being human.

  • Institute for Caring: think tank focused on fostering conversations on the meaning of America and the way forward to address the large-scale system change we need to solve our most prescient social issues.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Programs

Given the climate of American society in 2020 with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the resurgence of large-scale direct-action protests for social just, and the changing demographics of the US and its trading partners, forward-thinking organizations are now activating enterprise-wide commitment to the development of workplace culture that leverages diversity and promotes inclusion, its senior leaders (Director level and above) need to prepare the way for others throughout company to embrace this strategy fully.   Our proprietary consultancy and training can help you:

  • Expand the breadth, depth, and scope of the participant's understanding of the relevant issues relating to corporate culture and performance, differential experiences of various demographic groups in the organizational setting, as well as the fundamental of diversity management and inclusion in the modern workforce.

  • Develop a deeper appreciation of the relevant issues and further enhance the leader's emotional and partnering intelligence, generating higher performance levels.

  • Gain a substantive capability and skill at diversity management and sustaining an inclusive environment in the workplace.








(for individual contributors at all levels of organization and station in life)

This isn’t your daddy’s race sensitivity class of yore! This is cutting-edge human technology and workplace wisdom designed to help individual contributors thrive in today’s complex work environment. Five 2-hour sessions over ten weeks with practicum. Contents include:

  • Seeing the Big Picture: the what, why, and how paying attention to the issues of JEDI is a win-win for everyone. Throughline is “how diversity, equity, and inclusion drive innovation and mission-achievement.”

  • When Differences Make A Difference: understanding self and the other through exploring the richness of our Diversity Profile.

  • Power Dynamics of Belonging: an exploration of the power dynamics of oppression and their influence in modern society.

  • Then, Now, and Tomorrow: an exploration of American Culture and its influence on business, organizations, and institutions over time.  In this module, we discover the roots of oppression, how it exerts influence on all of us today, and how we may respond based on a continuum of responses to oppression.



(for individual contributors at all levels of organization and station in life)

In this series, participants discover themselves as an agent of change, using themselves as an instrument of positive change in the workplace and the world around them. Six 2-hour sessions over ten weeks with practicum. Contents include:

  • Exploring the values of liberative practice and an orientation to inclusion and belonging

  • Values Focal Point: Ethical Awareness and Integrity

  • Values Focal Point: Equity and Mutuality

  • Values Focal Point: Intersectionality and Self-awareness

  • Values Focal Point: Community and Resiliency

  • Values Focal Point: Transparency and Personal Agency

  • Ten Behaviors the Cultivate Belonging and Liberative Practice

(for individual contributors at all levels of an organization; Prerequisites apply)

In this series, participants explore the roots of oppression and are offered a path to liberative practice. The continuum of responses provides real insight into the work we all must engage in order to create a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive space in which to work and belong. Seven 2-hour sessions over ten weeks with practicum. Contents include:


  • Understanding the Power Dynamics of Caste: an exploration of the power dynamics of dominant-group oppression of subordinated-groups and their influence in modern society.

  • Exploring the Operating States of the Continuum: an overview of behavior-sets of each operating state on the continuum

  • Deep Dive on Excluding Operating State

  • Deep Dive on Avoiding Operating State

  • Deep Dive on Tolerating Operating State

  • Deep Dive on Accepting Operating State

  • Deep Dive on Transforming Operating State

Joan Buccigrossi.jpg

Joan Buccigrossi

Head of Global Diversity, Abbvie

"I worked with Marcus on numerous projects, in his capacity of President at wetWare, Inc. (now Social Innovation Group) Marcus is a brilliant strategist, especially as it relates to large system culture change. His particular strengths are in the partnering and coaching relationships he develops with senior leaders. He is a trusted partner when helping senior leaders and teams discover the root causes of issues in their organizations, helping them to create a strategy and implementation plan for improving the culture, particularly for cross-cultural groups."

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