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Master Class on Equity, Inclusion, and Social Change: Understanding the Topology of Systemic Racism and Oppression

Based on decades of experience at the cutting edge of change in delivering training programs on managing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the community at large.  This Master Class will delve into the issues of racism, gender, identity oppression, and classism and the actions we can take to have a real impact at work, at home, and in the broader community.  In this virtual workshop, Dr. Marcus reveals his proprietary work that “unconceals” the anatomy of systemic oppression.  Participants will:


  1. Learn the five ways that oppression acts in culture, society, and the workplace,

  2. Gain insight into the continuum of responses to oppression and how we can transform the way we live and work together, and

  3. Discover one’s self as a natural agent and instrument of change in anti-oppression movements.

Virtual Workshop with Practicum

Three 2-hour sessions over one month

Tuition $500 USD/Per seat (minimum group 5)

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Transformative Leaders for the Modern Workplace (prerequisites apply)

In this series, participants with designated management and supervisory roles learn how to cultivate and sustain high awareness and engagement of the liberative practices that drive mission achievement (Transforming Operating State). Six 2-hour sessions over ten weeks with practicum. Contents include:

  • Exploring the Transformative Leader Model™: a model for understanding the dual requirements of driving mission achievement while cultivating a human ecology at work that allows everyone to thrive and contribute their full potential to organizational objectives.

  • Transformation Leader Deep-Dive

  • Transaction Manager Deep-Dive

  • Values In Action Deep Dive

  • Liberative Practice Deep Dive

  • Multi-axial Informant Leadership Inventory™

  • Blueprints for Personal Transformation

VeLois Bowers.jpg

VeLois Bowers

Retired Fortune 500 C- Suite Executive

"Marcus has been an incredible partner, mentor, and one of the best consultants I've ever worked with over the many years of doing the work of diversity and inclusion. Marcus provides a wealth of knowledge and creative thinking, and each time I work with Marcus, I learn something new. I would highly recommend Marcus as an expert in the field of diversity and inclusion, but also as an individual who knows how to bring diverse communities together to fulfill a common mission or goal.”

Joan Buccigrossi.jpg

Joan Buccigrossi

Global Head of Diversity, Abbvie

"I worked with Marcus on numerous projects, in his capacity of President at wetWare, Inc. (now Social Innovation Group) Marcus is a brilliant strategist, especially as it relates to large system culture change. His particular strengths are in the partnering and coaching relationships he develops with senior leaders. He is a trusted partner when helping senior leaders and teams discover the root causes of issues in their organizations, helping them to create a strategy and implementation plan for improving the culture, particularly for cross-cultural groups."

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