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Good Night Maryland (Good Night Our World) Book Pdf [WORK]

Doug Wright's GOOD NIGHT, OSCAR, now in its world premiere production at Goodman Theatre, is an engaging play that brings the story of one infamous night in the life of Oscar Levant to the stage. As the drug-addicted and depressed Oscar, Sean Hayes (perhaps best known for his role on WILL AND GRACE) gives a magnetic performance that reflects the man's immense capacity for humor and his musical genius but also his deep insecurities. While Wright's script doesn't necessarily wade into new waters in terms of set up and the unfolding of the play's events, Hayes's central performance is a magnificent character study. Hayes is every bit as compelling a stage performer as one might expect, and GOOD NIGHT, OSCAR affords him the opportunity to showcase his formidable talents in some familiar and surprising ways.The play centers on one night in 1958, in which Oscar is granted temporary leave from a long-term stay at an in-patient institution, where he is undergoing treatment for drug addiction, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder, so he can appear on TONIGHT STARRING JACK PAAR. Over the course of one night, we see Oscar grapple with his addiction and his mental health struggles, the ghosts of his past (particularly that of George Gershwin, who appears before Oscar in hallucinatory flashbacks), and his relationship with his wife and family. And, of course, once Oscar goes live on air with Jack, the discussion does not go nearly as smoothly as network executive Bob Sarnoff might hope. Oscar's a loose cannon, both a brilliant comedian and also someone who uses humor as a powerful defense mechanism. As a result, his conversation with Jack incorporates many of Oscar's signature quips and the entirely "taboo" topics of politics, religion, and sex.

Good Night Maryland (Good Night Our World) book pdf

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